Monday, September 19, 2011

Seeing a Need is Not Inventing

So it’s been awhile since I had a chance to blog. But the last time my topic was on scams and conmen. But I realize when I woke up this morning that the last 12 months have literally bookended with finding out that one man had been taking credit for my inventions and another is trying to take credit for my research. In between, I’ve lost count of how many times this year people have taken credit for my work or improperly tried to attach my name to theirs.

It seems so strange but I realize that this is very common place. So I ask: Are people intrinsically dishonest, or do they actually believe they contributed?

If two men see a sign fall off a wall. Man #1 says “They should make a bracket that hold better.” Man #2 seems to say something like “I was just thinking that.”

In my experience Man #2, really thinks: “I thought of that before he said it…” And therefore man #2 believes it is really his idea.

So then, if man #1 then invents the better bracket man #2 either thinks “he sole my idea” or believe he’s the co-inventor and somehow deserves a share of the profits.

Now I have found it doesn’t matter if man #2 has the ability to design a bracket or even the desire to attempt to do so. He still feels that he is some how responsible. And usually he thinks he is the main person responsible so that the invention would not be with out him.

So I have decided that today’s rant is directed at all of the man #2’s out there. Seeing a need is not inventing. Wanting to research is not the same as doing research. And most importantly, knowing the inventor does not entitle you to equal credit.

But I think this part of a more global problem. We went from the little engine that though it could to telling people they want to be so they are. You can call yourself a poet if you string some words together with a few expletives. A painter because you splash some color on a canvas. But we ignore that these disciplines take training. Title mean nothing. You can be what ever you want just because you want… weather or not you are actually trained.

We have been so burdened worrying about everyone’s self-esteem that we no longer tell anyone they are wrong or make them do what they should. As a result we have people who actually think they are poets, painters and inventors, simply because they want to be.

So in the name of science, art and the sphere of knowledge in general let me say that everything worth doing requires effort. You must strive to learn and study and be the best you can.

I’ll pick this up later… Next up: Saints, Beer and hard work…

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