Friday, April 20, 2012

Rare Moments

Break time. I need to pull my head away from my lab work for a few minutes – mental sherbet if you will – and I was just listening to some Jim Croce which reminded me of an experience from my long ago childhood. I had gone with my dad to help an old man in our neighborhood move to Southern Illinois. Actually I didn’t help very much, I was to young to be of much help and the guy was a pack rat like my dad, in fact I still have his meat slicer in my basement. I digress.

On the trip down state, I was in the car with the teenagers who had a tape deck,. and they popped in a tape of Jim Croce music. On the tape, were songs I hadn’t heard before or since. The tape, one of them said, was from a studio secession, an album he was working on when he died. I can’t say weather or not this was true? But it is plausible. Song writers always have something unfinished in progress.

Fast forward several decades, and I think about a tape my brother-in-law gave me of a radio interview of Garnet Rogers where he did a really beautiful song his brother had written but never recorded because it was too emotional. (Hmmm…. Where is that tape … I should digitize it.).

And or course, I think about the live concerts I’ve been to where some unique magical mix of music happened. All through my life there have been these unique moments, and they are not just limited to music – that’s simply what I’m thinking about right now. Life is full of rare experiences. Not all good to be sure, but so many of them are.

So, I guess I’m in the enjoy the rare treasures as they flicker past frame of mind. And with that, I should get back to work.


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