Monday, October 17, 2011


Inspiration is an interesting thing, which may be why I keep coming back to it. But it also plays a key part in my life. Obviously, the more fully I can understand and exploit the tools of creativity, the better I will be as a scientist, artist, writer … cook … and the list goes on. So, in my spare time I study writers, lyricists, painters, scientists and so on. And a few constant elements jump out at me.

The first is that inspiration comes from awareness. You have to look, think, strive to understand. And, for the record it doesn’t matter if you’re ideas come from watching a fingerprint form faster when its cold out, or the heavens opening up and hearing the voice of God. You have to be paying attention.

The second was said best by Pasteur: “…chance favors only the prepared mind (Dec 7 1854). You may be sitting in an empty house in Forest Hill or flying down Highway 74 and be struck with the images for an iconic song, but if you haven’t learned how to do it, the song will never be penned.

And for the third I turn to the Wizard of Menlo Park: “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration." The path from idea to finished creation is a long one and takes effort.
This is a short post today because I have a flash of inspiration and therefore have a lot of work to do.

Until Later

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